How To Solve The Most Common Wireless Network Challenges

Wireless networks are essential to, well, everyone.

As organizations implement Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies and add smart devices to technology strategies, the strain on the wireless network leads to lost productivity. This happens across industries in business, education, healthcare, and manufacturing.

common wireless network challengesUnfortunately, the most common wireless network challenges are tolerable. Employees trying to check email on their phones while heating up lunch or attempting to connect to the wireless network in conference rooms aren’t likely to submit a ticket to the company helpdesk.

Yet it is precisely these sorts of network downtime and connectivity problems that deeply impact the business. Solving these common wireless network challenges are positive ways IT can improve the environment for everyone and contribute directly to overall work improvement processes.

Common Wireless Network Challenges: Symptoms

Wi-Fi Dead Spots

Whether it’s a snazzy brick wall or a 300-gallon fish tank, environmental interference and poorly placed access points can lead to certain spaces struggling to connect to the wireless network.

Slow And Intermittent Connectivity

Signal interference is likely the cause of slow wireless speeds. Users usually establish a connection, but then lose connectivity – especially during large workload activities.

Bandwidth Overload

A common occurrence in large environments – like hospitals or university campuses – where the number of users and devices easily number in the thousands, bandwidth efficiency and management can be difficult to manage.

Network Security

While you want the wireless network to be easily accessible, you also want to protect your users and the network itself from malevolent intent. Implementing security controls can negatively affect network connectivity, which is why it is important to have an information security expert to deploy these technologies.

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