IT security

In recent years cyber attacks has grown incrementally. new threats coming every day, protecting your business against cyber crime is more crucial than ever.

In 2017, Statistics Canada revealed  that more than one in five Canadian companies say they were hit by a cyberattack that year. Modern businesses are facing a growing threat level that requires a comprehensive analysis coupled with a proven IT security solution designed to prevent multiple forms of attacks.

Techluster Technology understands that  protecting customer’s data is an ethical and legal requirement. Starting with an IT infrastructure assessment from Techluster Technology to identify your vulnerabilities and create your preventative strategy to ensure you have the right tools and measures to protect your systems and endpoints from digital threats. 

We’ll select the right tools to secure your assets, including:

  • firewalls
  • data loss prevention software
  • intrusion defense systems
  • intrusion prevention systems
  • Server hardening 
  • Email Security and Spam filiting.
  • antivirus/malware prevention software
  • security information and event management software
  • User Awareness

Our audits assess your data and environments and match the level of security controls to the risk, value, and sensitivity of the information, blocking outside attackers without burdening authorized users. Our ongoing monitoring service applies security updates on schedule, so the vulnerability window is minimized along with your administrative workload.