Information Security

With smarter hindrances to your IT infrastructure, such as ever-evolving viruses and undetectable malware complications, IT security must be updated and upheld to neutralize these threats. Security is a constant urging need to be managed and by outsourcing your IT security to Techluster Technologies, we provide a 24/7 advanced protection.

With uber-advanced threat detection and elimination technology, we are a step ahead of upcoming cyber criminals, thus providing you with a peace of mind, in regards to your IT security. We take pride in having developed a security infrastructure that is essentially the one of the most comprehensive.

Our Security Infrastructure includes:

  • Advanced Firewalls
  • Data loss prevention software and schemes.
  • Defense systems that tackle and prevent cyber-intrusions.
  • Implements to harden and secure servers.
  • Filtering of emails, and disposal of spams.
  • Specially developed software to detect and deflect Malware
  • Intricate event management.
  • Protected security information.

User Awareness

Our expert audits access and assess your data, and cyber-environment to understand and match security needs, thus controlling possibility of any risks in regard to internal sensitive data, valuable assets, by prevention of external attacks without interruption to authorized users. Monitoring services and security updates adhere to a fixed schedule, thus providing minimal disruption to the smooth running of your administrative infrastructure at large.