Cloud Computing


Selecting the right type of system architecture depends on the immediate and long-term technical requirements to support your business goals & objectives. We’re here to help you understand the options available to you and choose the best solution for your business.



Office 365/Azure

Based in Cloud, Office 365 is a single stop for everything necessary for smooth business productivity. It can be accessed whenever and wherever it is required. Unfortunately, it is rather complex and hard to use to its full potential.

Hybrid Cloud Services

As a cloud-computing domain, Hybrid combines private and public cloud services, to provide an outstanding balanced mixture between the two platforms that can be accessed on premises by your organization.

Private Cloud

Techluster Technologies helps you create and expand your own private cloud and its connectivity options, whilst also providing and maintaining a highly secure environment. Your data is backed-up safely in the cloud, for easy recovery and storage. Furthermore, this enhances the uninterrupted continuity of your business, with a peace of mind.  

DAAS (Desktop as a Service)

DAAS is the ultimate solution that provides an ease grasp over administration, flexibility and cost savings. It is our own cloud service, that is based on Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Services, and runs on the Windows Server platform. It can be used to thin application delivery through the use of Microsoft RemoteApp, and also host your organization’s virtual desktops. Rest assured however, as we have our very own data centres to host your application delivery solutions.