Techluster Technologies Solutions provides you with a comprehensive range of back-up and date recovery option online in case of any unforeseen troubled circumstances such as power failures, stolen or corrupted hardware, accidental deleting of files, system crashes or natural disasters. We understand the overwhelming disruption that such events could cause the smooth running of your business, and the expenses required to stabilize the business again. 

Hence, we provide you with the option of having an effective and immediate recovery plan set to restore data which could easily make all the difference for your organization’s IT infrastructure at a large. 

Disaster Recovery Plan

Secure storage of files and instantaneous restoration of aforementioned files is another advantage we offer here at Techluster Technologies. Our enterprise-grade online platform has been designed to be affordable for all businesses irrespective of size and budget, and thus more accessible for all. Applications such as SQL and Exchange can also be backed-up and later retrieved alongside your desktops and servers through our online data recovery and storage service. 

Beyond the option to back up both physical and virtual machines, we also offer the opportunity to recover data in Hyper-V, Vmware and XenServer environments, using the latest APIs.