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Manage IT Services

To ensure your business runs smoothly and maintains continual growth your computer system needs 24/7 monitoring and support. justify an in-house IT team can be challenging. Techluster Technology offers tailored exceptional managed technology services that proactively takes approach and measures to eliminate down time

VOIP & Collaboration

Increased efficiency and productivity through the bettering of existing collaborations, thus allowing customers to communicate both internally and external of the organization with more security. Techluster Technology helps provide a more cohesive workforce within your organization as well. This helps connection within teams, improve customer experience and satisfaction and promote your business further.

IT Security

With smarter hindrances to your IT infrastructure, such as ever-evolving viruses and undetectable malware complications, IT security must be updated and upheld to neutralize these threats. Security is a constant urging need to be managed and by outsourcing your IT security to Techluster Technologies, we provide a 24/7advanced protection.


Who We Are

We are a Vancouver-based Technology services firm that believe in doing things differently. We are nothing, if not transparent in our work. We strive to understand your views, your values and most importantly your vision, to ensure a thorough and expert recommendation that suit you perfectly. 

Before we implement anything, we will inform you about any possibilities, and make sure that you understand the type of quality service that you will receive. Right from the very start. 

We value technology, transparency, and trust here at Techluster Technology, and we will deliver it to our own clients. 




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